Alexander Price


Born and raised in a small and suppressive mining town in South Yorkshire Price would undertake the initial journey to performing success as a student of the famous Sylvia Young Theatre School, known for notable alumni such as Emma Bunton, Tyler James and Rita Ora. Price shared classes with the then unknown Eliza Doolittle and Billie Piper. Though inspired by the classes at the time Price felt dissatisfied with the work he was encouraged to pursue and fell into the capitals wild and energetic club scene early on
“I would skip classes at Sylvia Young’s sometimes and take a tube into the west end and just hang around Soho. .I was very young, maybe 15 but very lucky to witness such a cosmopolitan and relaxed attitude to sexuality. I knew that when the time was right I wanted to be a part of it all and escape from what I considered to be suburban hell”

Price began the long and relentless journey into making music after meeting performative and musical collaborators on the club scene, crafting a set of twisted, sexually provocative and infectious electronic pop at a time when the club scene ruled supreme with the DJs approach always one step ahead of the mainstream and the edgy fashions sported by its hip clientele creating a response of awe and wonderment and much press coverage. Tracks such as the energetic, unashamedly campy and anthemic Toyboy saw Price use the backdrop of pulsating and driving electro rock to expose his own attitudes towards sex and the expression of sex in the mainstream “I was tired of turning on MTV and seeing rappers grabbing their crotches and girl groups over sexualising even the saddest of songs and at that point I just wanted to see something really earthy and real and dirty and not contrived.. Toyboy was about enjoying sex and also about being in control .It was my own personal coming out but it was by no means “clean” and “safe

The track quickly caught on and Price made his performance debut at Amy Lame`s legendary Duckie night at Vauxhall Tavern. Going onto play at venues such as Rush Soho, Brixton Academy and KOKO and crafting more provocative and personality driven pop like Curious George a tale of an extra marital affair and the electro clash influenced Blitz

Determined to regain in artistic control despite a shoe string budget the ever resourceful Price set about crafting a stage show that would take London by storm and display his DIY attributes! Incorporating a wild and edgy female dance troupe which he named The Designer Babies and designing and making the clothes for the stage show Price wound up supporting a diverse array of artists such as Kelis ,Beverly Knight, Chicane ,Larry Tee, Princess Julia, Scottee, Noblesse Oblige ,Client, Pam Hogg and Mark Moore. By now residing in the east ends vibrant Dalston neighborhood Price would perform at a multitude of venues and events from 333,The Underbelly, Luminaire and Madame JoJos to film festival gala parties at London Film Festival and Manchester’s Big Weekend and the Cardiff Mardi Gras where Price performed to an ecstatic audience of 20,000 following a rousing speech from MP Chris Bryant
With a more polished and radio ready set of electro pop including the acclaimed perfection of Spend A Little Time <em>[“On the basis of this track Price deserves a big break with his personal touch of mild electronic magic,a track that almost floats along on a celestial wave of soothing elctro synth that calls to mind David Byrne. It is a big name to conjure up in comparison but Price constructs the song so perfectly that it is a comparison that is more than deserving” and “ addictive, danceable and pure fun” Music News] ,the Giorgio Moroder inspired Love Song and the anthem In The City all of which found radio support from BBC Radio, RTE Pulse, Gaydio Radio, BFBS Radio and Australia’s Joy 94 to name a few and in printed media with his stage attire being documented in the September fashion issue of glossy men’s mag reFresh as well as coverage in NME, Gaydar  and Music industry bible Music Week. Price was then signed to indie label Intense Pressence producing a hit cover of the Pet Shop Boys seminal classic Rent.A brave choice but one which secured more radio and press support for Price with BBC Radio Manchester declaring their love for the video on air and proclaiming <em“Alexander Price is something quite spectacular

In 2012 a chance meeting with producer, arranger and DJ Massimo Paramour lead to a collaboration entitled Waiting. The song captured the essence of Price and Paramour’s influences musically and lyrically and the resulting success lead to a signing to Velcro City Records, a US based dance label. The song was backed by two pulsating dance mixes courtesy of Paramour which did the business on dance floors across the globe and lead to a Top 35 charting on Beatport. This became the most successful recording of Price’s music career. They immediately followed this with the anthemic nu disco meets deep house cut You’re Burning which was again released on VCR and became a huge dance floor hit internationally. A music video for the track was directed by Gozra Lozano whilst Price and Paramour would appear together on the main stage at Summer Rites 2014.

Throughout 2015 Price appeared throughout London as a DJ including a monthly residency at the hip George and Dragon in Shoreditch  ,the private view of artist Ewa Wilczynski’s exhibition Throes and the closing gala of LGBT History Month before returning to recording music and another dance orientated collaboration with Paramour titled Thats the Way which captured a darker dance groove and which was released again on VCR. Later in 2016 the song appeared on a VCR nu disco compilation and Price contributed his 2009 single Spend A Little Time to a short film titled Doris which played in film festivals throughout the world including the London LGBT Film Festival .The film stars Game of Thrones actor Ross Mullen whom delivers a special rendition of Price’s song in the movie.